Oil and Gas


For clients who conduct business within the oil and gas industry, we offer the following suite of analyses, including:

Oil Analysis (pressurized and non-pressurized):

  • Compositional analysis (C30+, with BTEX as required)
  • Density and Molecular Weight (MW) determination
  • Mathematical Recombination
  • Wax Content of Crude Oil
  • Saturates, Aromatics, Resins, Asphaltenes (SARA) Analysis
  • Contamination Studies of Reservoir Fluids
  • Drilling Fluid analysis and contamination study of Reservoir Fluid
  • Flash Point of oil products

Gas Analysis:

  • Compositional analysis (C7+, C10+, with BTEX as required)
  • Sulfur Speciation (including H2S)

PVT Studies of Reservoir Fluids

  • Physical Recombination of surface samples
  • Black Oil PVT Analysis
    • Constant Composition Expansion
    • Differential Liberation
    • Single and Multi-Stage Separator Tests
    • High Pressure and Temperature Viscosity and Density Studies
  • Gas/Gas Condensate PVT Analysis
    • Constant Mass Expansion
    • Constant Volume Depletion
    • Single and Multi-Stage Separator Tests

Other services:

  • Oilfield Produced Water Analysis
    • metals, anions, pH, total alkalinity, resistivity, TDS, refractive index, relative density, salinity, total hardness
  • Isobaric transfers of reservoir samples from the field or downhole cylinders to high pressure laboratory piston cylinders
  • Characterization of solids, sludge and debris
  • Hydrocarbon contamination identification
  • Scaling Studies
  • A significant rental inventory of specialized equipment is available for our clients comprised of hundreds of sampling cylinders for our oil and gas clients, including 700cc piston displacement and 3750cc, 500cc, and 20L flow through cylinders. We also have specialized equipment available for high pressure oil and gas sample transfers and benchtop analytical probes, scales, and monitors for onshore environmental field work.
  • Developing and providing analytical solutions to specialized oilfield problems.